Eternal Return’s 8th Season Is A Slumber Party, And There Are Onesies

This may be one of the more violent slumber parties.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Eternal Return Slumber Party

Today, Kakao Games and Nimble Neuron announced the 8th competitive season for Eternal Return. Titled “Slumber Party”, the new season introduces the Battle Zone. This contains special areas on Lumia Island where players can fight in a whole new way and collect data on test subjects that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

Each of the zones is unique and offers players different buffs and debuffs that will affect their gameplay. Of course, this is worth dealing with because there’s a special prize that can only be obtained by competing in the battle zones.

As this is a new season, that means there’s a new battle pass. This is where the slumber party portion of things comes in. The battle pass offers several new slumber-party-appropriate cosmetics for specific characters. Li Dailin, Yuki, and Hyunwoo all get new animal-themed onesie skins. These include a lion, a dog, and a boar(?). There’s also a unicorn for Adela.

In addition, players also have access to the Season 8 Pack which contains 3 characters, 10 new skins, a special emote, and other items. This pack is currently discounted by 50%.

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