European Wizard101 Players Transitioning From Gameforge To KingsIsle And Gamigo Servers Soon

"The teams at KingsIsle and gamigo are excited to be working on new ways to reach new European players."

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Wizard101 European Players

Recently, KingsIsle Entertainment and gamigo announced that European Wizard101 servers are being transferred to their control from Gameforge starting on the week of May 16. While registrations are opening on the week of May 16 to help transition EU accounts, there isn't a set time or concrete day to prepare for the shift.

EU players will receive their transition code through their emails, accessing their existing Gameforge characters, items, and progress and sending it to the KingsIsle's Wizard101 European servers. Additionally, all player progress will remain intact, and there may be some magical launch rewards to welcome EU players to the KingsIsle community. KingsIsle Entertainment game director Leah Ruben had a glowing response to the transition announcement:

"It's our goal to make this transition as seamless as possible. Rest assured your adventurers in the Spiral will be able to continue through the transition. Our team at KingsIsle is very thankful and excited to have the opportunity to serve our European Wizard101 players!"

gamigo director of marketing launch department, Marc Berekoven, echoed Ruben's comments and added that they "are excited to be working on new ways to reach new European players, and support existing players, that simply weren't possible before." As one of the oldest running MMORPGs, it's enlightening to see news about server transitions to give players the communities they need to band together through content or make memories. Hats off to KingsIsle and gamigo!

For those curious about further specifics of the EU server transition, you read all about it on the Wizard101 official site blog!

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