With an official announcement on the EverQuest Next forum, Beta sign-ups for Landmark have arrived! SOE’s highly anticipated next-gen build whatever you want sandbox MMO will begin its Closed Beta sometime in what remains of this year, which means interested players should signup sooner rather than later. As an added bonus, signing up for the Landmark Beta also signs players up for the full MMORPG EverQuest Next Beta.

Players in the North America region can sign up here, with players in Europe applying at the UK page here.


  1. Beta signups have been open for months.

    Whether or not they just announced it today, they were open right after the preview of EQ:Next.

  2. i don’t do beta,i’ll wait for this one to go live..atleast out of a few million games one looks uber boring but you can build stuff…now thats cool.


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