Everything Changes In Dead By Daylight When The Lights Go Out In A New Limited Time Event

The new limited time event does away with everything players know about the game.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Dead by Daylight Lights Out Modifier

A special, new limited time Modifier named "Lights Out" dropped in Dead By Daylight today, introducing a terrifying new way to play an already scary game. The Lights Out modifier is designed to create more tension during gameplay – but don’t worry, it will only be stressing you out for a week, as the event ends on February 14.

While playing Lights Out, players will be on a map engulfed in darkness. They’ll have a limited UI, as the whole point is to limit what players can see and how aware they are of their environment. To make things even more tense, perks have also been disabled, and… the Killer has no Terror Radius.

Don’t worry, not all the changes benefit the Killer. Players are now more difficult to track as they don’t leave scratch marks. While there are no starting items, there will be more chests scattered around the map. These chests will have more high-quality items in them as well.

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