Evil Mojo, The New Game Studio For Rogue Company, Finally Addresses Players

Developers from the team worked on Paladins and Realm Royale.

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This past June, Hi-Rez underwent significant changes, rebranding itself as Hi-Rez Ventures and implementing a restructuring strategy. The company will no longer serve as a publisher, with publishing responsibilities for Smite and Paladins passing to Titan Forge and Evil Mojo, respectively. Additionally, First Watch Games and RedBeard Games, developers of Realm Royale, Rogue Company, and Divine Knockout, are being integrated into Titan Forge and Evil Mojo.

Yesterday, Evil Mojo extended their greetings to the Rogue Company community and introduced themselves as the minds behind Paladins and Realm Royale. The team acknowledged that their recent merger with sister studio First Watch Games might have caused some uncertainty among players. That being said, Evil Mojo pointed out how swimmingly things went with the launch of the character ViVi after joining forces with the Rogue Company team.

Continuing on, the team recognized a lack of communication with the shooter's players and offered insights into the current state of Rogue Company. They emphasized their active involvement in ongoing development, despite a smaller team size and multiple concurrent projects. Evil Mojo said updates would be paced slower than before, with a focus on enhancing balance and quality of life. The first of these updates should be out sometime next month.

Going forward, the team wants to preserve the current gameplay experience of Rogue Company while infusing it with new elements to keep things exciting. They noted a commitment to transparency and dedication to the existing community. Evil Mojo ended their address with gratitude for the players' passion and excitement for the future of the game.

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