If there’s a popular PC game that might lend itself to the on-the-go, play-in-bursts kind of gameplay associated with mobile devices, it might just be Path of Exile. Granted, you can spend hours rolling through the game’s content, but you can also spend shorter amounts of time knocking out a single dungeon or dealing with things like inventory or your hideout. So, it’s probably shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that Grinding Gear Games announced a mobile version of the original Path of Exile at ExileCon today. (Yes, there’s an original version now, Path of Exile 2 was also announced today.)

Of course, GGG isn’t just dropping the PC version of the game onto mobile devices and declaring it good. Instead, they’re currently showing off an experimental version of the game that they believe will work well for that short-term gameplay we were talking about earlier. They’ve also noted that the mobile PoE will not feature a lot of the monetization tactics found in mobile games, such as pay-to-win microtransactions, energy bars, and video ads. The full reveal is available below.

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