More Content Is Always Nice And Exoprimal Unveils PvE Mode Savage Gauntlet & Exosuit Variants

Fight dinosaurs, get rewards, it's that simple.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Exoprimal PvE game mode Savage Gauntlet

During the Xbox Games Showcase Extended today, Exoprimal showed off some new content coming to the shooter in the form of Exosuit variants and the PvE game mode Savage Gauntlet.

In Savage Gauntlet, five-player teams take on weekly rotating PvE scenarios that offer a high level of challenge. Leveled-up Exosuits will be needed in these encounters and players will be equipping Module power-ups.

Along with the new game mode comes a list of variant Exosuits. 10 suits with variant powers will be available.

Exoprimal is going into Open Beta Test 2 later this week so you can jump in and check out what's new. The game is scheduled to launch on July 14th.

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