Experiments Gone Wrong, A Thirst For Immortality... Redfall's New Story Trailer Sets Things Up Exactly How You'd Expect

Just because it may seem familiar doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad.

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Redfall May 2nd Release Date and Gameplay Deep Dive

We all know that Redfall, the upcoming shooter game from Arkane Austin and Bethesda, takes place in a small Massachusetts town that's been overrun by vampires and the power hungry humans willing to help them for a small slice of the power pie.

What we really haven't been told yet, but we start to see in today's new story trailer, is why is this happening and how did it all go south so fast.

The answer to that is probably more predicable than some eager players would like. It looks like we'll be following in the old "evil corporation does testing and it goes awry" movie/game trope.

Just because it's familiar doesn't mean it can't be done well, though, and here's to hoping Arkane puts their own spin on the formula when it comes to story just like they seem to have done everywhere else.

Not to be confused with the Umbrella Corp., Aevum HQ has been operating in a, well let's just say, slightly less than legal way. People have gone missing, experiments are resulting in sometimes quick deaths for those that didn't sign up for experiments to begin with, and then when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the sun went ahead and became eclipsed.

Is that the full story though? If it was just some company experimenting, did they "create" the vampire gods then or were they already there and influenced these experiments? There's sure to be more going on that will be revealed as we try to take back Redfall when the game releases on May 2nd on Xbox Series S|X, PC, and Game Pass.

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