The Heart of Deimos expansion is now live for Warframe on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (and coming to Switch later this week), sending tenno to the “grotesquely beautiful” Cambion Drift location for adventure and evisceration — preferably not theirs.

The story quest, unsurprisingly, takes players to the Martian moon to answer distress call from the Enrati, Deimos’s semi-sentient inhabitants. Once there, you can blow away hordes of Infected creatures using a new necramech vehicle, or, if you’ve always desired the mobility of a hoverboard, with the guns of … well, guns … take a Velocipod for a spin. And once you’re done exploring Deimos, you can take both of those rides out on any of Warframe’s other open-world areas.

The 44th Warframe, Xaku, is now unlockable, and as we saw in yesterday’s preview, it’s got its fair share of wild and crazy abilities, all wrapped up in its own grotesquely beautiful shell.

The other big feature arriving with this expansion is the Helminth, the Little Shop of Horrors-esque carnivorous plant … thing … that can consume a Warframe and spits out one of its powers for you to implant onto another Warframe. You’ll need to unlock Entrati Syndicate Standing to unleash its full potential, and a consumed Warframe is gone forever, but it’s all worth it for the power it will grant you — right? “Feed me, tenno!”


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