Explore A Massive World In A "Love Letter" To Classic Fantasy Games, Call Of Dragons

The game is coming to mobile and PC this spring.

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Call Of Dragons Behemoth

Call of Dragons, a new MMO from mobile developer Farlight Games, will be arriving on both mobile devices and PC this spring. The game is described as a “love letter to classic fantasy games” and features a multi-civilization battleground on a large map. An interesting feature of the game’s map is that it plays a part in how fights work. The positions of characters in the field will impact how they function in combat.

One of the things players will encounter in the game are Behemoths, located all around the world of Tamaris. Today, the developer offered players a look at one of these Behemoths, the Giant Bear. To beat this bear, players will not only need to use their own skills but also tame wild beasts that will assist them in combat. They’ll need to deploy these creatures strategically while also making use of a Healing Manastone to make sure they come up on the winning side.

Don’t just kill the bear – or any of the Behemoths – though. You want these big critters alive, as they’ll add bonuses to research, construction, and gathering, while also being useful in battle. If you’re wondering about the other behemoths that can be added to your army… well, the game’s title gives you a hint. There are dragons, too. You can see some of them in the trailer below.

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