Today’s a pretty cool day for fans of The Orville — particularly if they’ve ever wanted to spend time aboard the ship, and let’s be honest, what sci-fi fan ever hasn’t wanted to spend time exploring the ships from their favorite series?

Granted, you can’t literally board The Orville, but, thanks to developer Messy Desk Interactive — who spent time replicating the ship in loving detail — you can explore it in virtual space.

The developer released The Orville Interactive Fan Experience on Steam today. It’s technically in early access, but already free-to-play. At present, it pretty much just offers an opportunity to create a character and explore the ship. (Apparently, you can do a little decorating too.)

Eventually, the game will offer a more complete experience, including a full crew, access to a functional environmental simulator, the ability to explore space, and a selection of single and multiplayer modes. You can get a good idea of what the game is like watching the video below.

Now, excuse me while I go fangirl.



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