and NetEase have something big brewing for MMO fans. It’s called Revelation Online and it looks as ambitious in scope as any MMO announced over the past few years — and you’ll be able to play the Western version later this year.

Set on the fantasy world of Nuanor, Revelation Online has just about everything you’d expect in a full-featured MMORPG: an epic storyline, dungeons and raids with varying difficulties, PvP arenas of multiple sizes, territory wars, sieges against castles on the ground, in the air, and underwater, crafting, and other, less common features, like flight/gliding and in-game player relationships.

There’s a great deal of emphasis on player freedom, including the ability to build your character in a variety of ways and — unusual for an Eastern game — no gender-locking for the game’s six classes. Players can choose their own combat control scheme, from World of Warcraft-like tab targeting to TERA-like action controls. And it looks great, too.

The big question — at least for readers of this site — is whether Revelation Online will be free-to-play or if it will go the same route as Black Desert Online and be F2P in the East and B2P in the West. Officially, the game’s FAQ says that payment model hasn’t been decided. From what little bits I’ve been able to see about the cash shop in China (such as this video), there doesn’t seem to be any outright pay-to-win elements; a few boosters, but largely cosmetics and no gear. That’s a good sign, especially for the Chinese version of the game.

You can learn more about the game and sign up for the closed beta — which starts this fall — on the game’s English-language website. If you’re feeling up to the task, you can check out the game’s Chinese website. Steparu also has an informative review from the game’s Chinese beta about two years ago.

Does Revelation Online look good to you? And would you prefer it to be free-to-play or follow some other monetization method?

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. okay can I ask why there are Asian mmorpg.s haters.i prefer those mmo.s then any other at least you have fun beatyful story’s and nice graphic/style.and I’m from netherland so yeah again why the hate for Asian mmo.s

    • It’s not even about Asian MMOs I think. People react the same way to everything here. They don’t need a reason, only a target.

    • No, it’s because of the track record of, both of the games they have developed (and published) are massively pay-to-win. Allods and Skyforge.

    • If you have to ask, then you’re in the targeted market these devs make mmos for. Everyone else is bored with the same sh!t.

    • also has games like Armored Warfare with zero pay to win. Furthermore, Revelation Russia is confirmed to have the same cash shop as China (mostly cosmetics, no direct pay to win) and I can’t imagine western release being any worse in this regard.

      P.S. Where does all this negativity come from? The game is not out yet, it’s not even in closed beta in the west. Makes me nostalgic for the time when people just said “first” or even “mounted” instead of “this game sucks, pay to win scammers, I’m a blind ignorant hater”. Sigh.

  2. AGAIN copy paste asian poop. same houses same mobs same ugly pokemon faces , kids with huge b oobs, martial arts and all this shit liek in every asian mmo, if you want succesful mmo dont bring this asian shit , baloon like mobs and these ugly faces!

  3. i gotta admit it … it actually .. looks … good ?! im surprised, it feels like a better blade&soul ? holy shit if its better than b&s then its 1 of the best mmos

  4. >aerial combat
    [war flashbacks to aion abyss pvp]

    From the playthroughs I’ve seen the flight mechanic doesn’t have all THAT much purpose, so hopefully it won’t end up like Aion where everyone runs everywhere instead of flying. I admit I’m very hesitant about a game that seems to be generic in most every aspect with its only “unique” selling point being free flight everywhere. IDK I’ll have to just wait and see how beta goes I suppose.

  5. don’t do buy to play. Not sure about the western release, but Russian Revelation is already “kind of” confirmed F2P. Which shouldn’t matter all that much seeing what happened to Black Desert, but as I said / don’t do buy to play. They wouldn’t know how even if they wanted. There’s a first time for everything I guess, but chances for buy to play / pay to play are very small IMO.

    • All mailru games are f2p, ’cause publisher politics circle around about money shop and maximizing buy2win model. It’s 99% thats Revelation be f2p and unplayable w/ spend lots of money.
      And beware, mailru bribe mmo-like sites, pr ther games with mass of ad. = aeriagames, for those, who search example.


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