A few weeks ago, we filled you in on the Fable Fortune CCG, being designed by ex-Lionhead Studios devs in the wake of Fable Legends’ cancellation. Flaming Fowl Studios has now cancelled that Kickstarter, but it’s for the best of reasons.

In an update on the Fable Fortune Kickstarter page, Flaming Fowl says that the game has “secured additional development funding” and that, “alongside our ongoing personal investment,” the studio will devote its efforts toward releasing the closed beta as quickly as possible. If you’re already in the alpha test, you can continue playing, and former backers will receive an invitation to be among the first players to participate in the beta.

It’s probably good that Flaming Fowl got this outside funding, as the Kickstarter was less than a quarter of the way toward meeting its goal of 250,000 GBP with just 10 days left to go. Sometimes crowdfunding just isn’t as effective as the old-fashioned means of securing development capital: finding a wealthy backer or two.


  1. blizz made wow…. retards tryed to copy it and failed bad…. blizz made heartstone…. retards tryed to copy it. Valve made TF2… blizz made a better one…. retards try to copy it. ……. what blizz makes is genuine!

  2. so meny find CCG games good marketing atm. i just give up on them. wish thay wuld do fabel mmorpg that wuld be revolutionery

    • Yeah, it’s always confusing to have more than 1 alternative. Us zombies don’t know what to play. Oh, wait, we’re live humans, so we can play more than one game! Amazing!


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