Be the hero or be the villain — whichever role you choose, you’ll soon be able to do it in Fable Legends for free*.

Lionhead Studios today announced that their highly anticipated 4v1 RPG will be taking the free-to-play route, “to open the exciting world of Fable to more players.” Heroes will have a free rotation, which you can spend money on or earn through gameplay to unlock them forever. Villains will be able to use monsters and traps specific to each quest for free, and can earn non-native monsters in one of the same two ways. All quests and story content will be available for free.

*The catch, of course, is if you’ll be playing Fable Legends on your Xbox One, in which case you’ll need a Gold Xbox LIVE subscription. PC players will just need Windows 10, and cross-platform play will be available.

It seems like Lionhead Studios is saying all the right things with their approach to free-to-play. Are you looking forward to Fable Legends?

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. “Fable Legends is our new exciting game” wow! big words! “in which you can join as a team of 4 heroes VS a human villain” uhm… what? so a 4 vs 1 is exciting? “it will be available on win10 in addition to xbox 1” followed by “now thats gonne be exiting for me as a game developer because my real goal is to deliver this game to as many of you as possible we want everyone to play this fun game we have” … wait… hold on! so win10 which is not yet publicly released…and xbox 1 which is for sure not everyone have…not even majority of the player have that… most players have pc’s…and windows 10? so your goal is to make this game available to as many players as possible by making compatible with a unsure/unreleased OS and a not so popular game console? can anyone tell me if this guy is messing with us or what? and then… everything else he said afterwards were all just the same stuff that other game developers said about their game… the very popular 3F’s saying FREE FUN FAIR etc etc etc… a bunch of bullshits lolz kudos dude! id rather play a browser game… omfg cant get it out of my head… windows 10? bwahahaha omfg this guy is funny for sure waahahaha

  2. wtf is wrong with this site… -_-” missing words and cant even delete the previous post.

    Hi David the game director… just one quick question… how can you expect the viewers of this video to* really believe everything your saying about the game and the agenda you or your company have when you cant even make an eye contact on your video? ^_^ its either the person who shot this video is a newbie or amateur, or the script* that your reading is placed far away from the video lens, or this is really how it should be shot because all you just uttered were all lies and too good to be true just to lure players. In any case still you made your point but the real purpose of this video is not achieved due to 1 simple yet very important thing. When your doing a video where you’re tying to convey a message to the viewers and you want the viewers to feel and believe you, then you need to do the eye contact. Put the script* vertically on top or at the bottom of the camera/video lens and make sure that your eyes dont go far away from the lens direct sight. remember, to build trust you need to do an eye contact. even in normal conversation…how can you trust someones words if they are talking in front of you and cant even make an eye contact? ^_^ also… its kinda stupid to even take a side shot after the epic fail of no eye contact -_-” another thing were contradicting statements from this video… on top of the so good to be true… im pretty sure your gonna change your mind when you found out that you wont be able to make money if you proceed on the road you set… unless… this is all just a trick… to lure players on a trap.

  3. i say the game should be fair, i dont like playing a game where you get everything right off the bat, i like to work for my thing, that keeps me playing the game longer rather then leaving the day i play it.

  4. I predicted the whole fable going online thing after they bought out Mojang Studio when I was talking with a friend about that but I was expecting it to be another voxel mmorpg not an experimental moba. I was close at least.

  5. I have seen this game in the latest Extra credit episodes and they make some good points there that this game IS a huge risk, it wont be easy to balance and they dont go with an other fable like most companys would, but i think they can do it and when they do this will change the mindsets of a lot of companies out there, to take some risks and not stick with what works. And for everyone that dont know about win10, there are allmost no issues sofar and as people said above it is in a testphase right now and will be here end of this yeah i guess.

    • it is TECNICALLY PVP… it is basically taken the DoD style of multiplayer (4 players 1 dungeon master). basically it is glorified DoD.

    • Windows will not be coming out with 9 due to computing issue it will cause for programs that are made for win 95, therefore the next windows (which is in beta now) will be win 10

    • Windows 10 is already in Technical Preview stage, I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, it will be released later this year.

  6. this looks pretty cool. im curious about the game-play. i kind of like this. is it a moba ? Blizzard is releasing heroes of the storm.. i wonder how this is gonna be diff

  7. Okay. Another game.

    Only part that caught my eye was the words “cross-play”. Some games have promised this but this is the first time it actually might be possible. (Because it’s both from Microsoft….) If the windows upgrade is free for windows 7 & 8. I’m completely cool with it.

    I have gold subscription… I spam offers for bing using 5 accounts. I’m cheap. Exploit it. My live might as well be free. Down vote me. Do it.

    • This is not the first game to have cross play other games already have cross-play. FFXI, FFXIV, Natural Doctrine, Ragnarok odyssey ace, Dragon’s Crown, Gundam Breaker, PlayStation All- Stars, Dead or Alive 5, Street Fighter X Tekken, Smash Bros and many more.

  8. Hahahahaha-a gold Xbox LIVE subscripti-hahahahaha-or windows ten?! Ahahahaha-I- I can’t… *heavy heave* Myeah, good luck with that.

    • I don’t get your sarcasm. It seems 1. You assume Xbox live is bad? I could be wrong on that one, 2. You probably think Windows 10 will be bad because 8.0 had issues.

      However Fable does have a pretty big following and their previous entries have been very good quality. This game is definitely different, but I don’t see why it would fail in any shape or form. Gamers know how to adapt, so even though they won’t change to 10 just for this game, eventually 10 will become the norm. xbox live is as popular as ever over playstation network, more so with online multiplayer games because even with the crazy 12 year olds they have always had a better online system.

      So I don’t know, I’m probably looking too much into your comment, but I felt like responding anyway lol.

      • I just thought that calling it free to play and then have it require Xbox Live subscrition or upgrading to Win 10 was hilarious. Granted I went a little overboard with my previous comment. Then about the Fable franchise being good is purely perspective. In my opinion the first Fable was really good, the second alright and the third absolute shit. But all to their own.

        Have a good one.

      • Saying the Fable franchise is of very good quality is a slight stretch in my opinion. It started off great and each game afterwards has been slightly worse.

        The windows 10 thing seems like it will limit the community greatly. Normally the most used operating system is one that is multiple years old. Look at what happened with Halo 2, how it was released on the pc to help push sells for Vista, most people never got it. By the time most people started upgrading to Vista there was no hype or a great deal of interest for it anymore. And for free to play games when the game comes out is when it is usually at it’s liveliest.

        • If you have a real copy of Win7 or Win8 your upgrade to Windows 10 will be free.

          So I’d say everyone will be able to play it if you have a relevant machine capable of playing it in the first place.


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