Cryptic Studios Dungeons and Dragons inspired MMORPG, Neverwinter is scheduled to receive its third “module” soon adding the icy plains of Icewind Dale for players to explore and undoubtedly collect all kinds of warm fur-lined equipment. While Neverwinter -along with DnD in general- has been primarily focused on PvE, today we learned the new Curse of Icewind Dale module will add conflict among allies as players will side with one of two new factions and join in the fight for Black Ice, a rare substance guaranteed to bring wealth and power to those who wield it.

As a new adventurer to the area, players will choose to align themselves with either the Ten-Towners or the Arcane Brotherhood. The alignment isn’t permanent and merely serves as a mercenary contract of sorts, allowing the player to switch between sides if he believes the ice may be icier on the other side. While aligned to a faction, players will be dispatched on contracts to collect Black Ice and slay any encroaching enemies. This includes players of the opposing faction who may be performing their own duties in the area.

The goal according to Cryptic, is to “allow for a more developed PvP progression path for players who are seeking an alternative to the standard PvE content in in Neverwinter”. Cryptic says players will battle members of the enemy faction “constantly” with rewards earned for successful kills.

Curse of Icewind Dale is expected to go live later this spring.

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  1. While I enjoy all the mounted jokes, let’s talk about the announcement shall we? I for one am pretty excited for this, as someone who has played and to an extent praised this game. Adding new PvE content is great and all but we haven’t been getting many new and exciting things on the PvP front.

    So in short this is an interesting module. It’s sounding like this will be a more persistent version of gauntlgrym which is well appreciated if it turns out well.


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