GW2 Primodus

ArenaNet said that Guild Wars 2 players would get new content updates roughly every three months, but that appears to have been untrue — in a good way. Instead, the next Living Story update will be coming less than two months after its predecessor. Hey, if you’re going to be wrong, that’s the right way to do it!

As revealed today in an interview that had with ArenaNet over PAX weekend, the next Living Story installment, Season 3, Chapter 2, will take place in Ember Bay in the Ring of Fire Islands, an area not seen since the original Guild Wars’ early days. Given that the Elder Dragon of Fire has recently awoken, it’s a fitting place to set the next chapter of adventures.

Those adventures will resurrect a feature not seen since GW2’s early days: renown hearts. Unlike early incarnations, these hearts will be repeatable and offer what appear to be quality rewards, though I have to disagree with the author’s perception that “most folks will be happy” to see hearts return.

There are also going to be lots and lots of skritt on the island, with many of the events — possibly including the ominously named Molten Dominator — revolving around their activities. The game’s first new PvP Conquest map in a long while, The Eternal Coliseum, will also make its debut. The whole thing hits on Sept. 20, just two weeks from today, and just shy of the two months since Out of the Shadows arrived on July 26.

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  1. Class balance is good atm for once since game release lol. All classes are viable. PVP is fun. True F2P except some chats are restricted like /map chat in pvp room till you’re rank 20. No /map, /say while in pvp but you can whisper to enemy lol. You cannot use the Black Lion Trade or auction house if you will. Besides that and some other minor crap its F2P SON!


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