GamersFirst announced that its award-winning post-apocalyptic action MMO Fallen Earth will complete its transition to free to play today. Starting October 12, players will be able to login and experience the entire game without needing to purchase a retail copy or activate a subscription. Along with the change in business model comes a brand new World Event system, expanding the game’s sandbox offerings with dynamically generated events that can happen anywhere in the game world.

For the first time since the launch of this fan-favorite MMO, Fallen Earth players can now choose how much to invest in their chosen pastime. As is true for all of GamersFirst’s free-to-play games, there are no level caps or content limits for free players, making the same rich sandbox gameplay available to everyone.

Players with active subscriptions prior to the October 12 free-to-play transition will automatically convert to the top-tier Commander Premium Subscription, and qualify for all of the Fallen Earth Veteran reward packages, including monthly gifts, wardrobe slots, and a permanent discount on the Commander Premium subscription.

World Events

The wasteland can be an unpredictable place, and with that comes the need for towns and settlements to adapt to the changing needs of their community. This day-to-day struggle is now represented in Fallen Earth in the form of World Events. The optional quests will pop up randomly across the world, offering players the chance to experience new mission objectives and earn hard-to-find special rewards and experience. Be it crafting medical supplies for a town or fending off an assault from the mutated beasts of the area, World Events adds additional layers of immersive gameplay to the rich world of Fallen Earth.

Premium Subscriptions Detailed

Players who elect to purchase one of the three Premium Subscriptions available gain increased resource gathering and crafting speeds, experience gain, multiple character slots, and more. The top-tier Commander Premium Subscription also includes an industry-first stackable group buff that extends some of the Commander benefits to every member of the group, including free players.

Spiked Chopper Veteran Reward

Active and returning players will find a special reward waiting for them in the form of the brand new, exclusive Spiked Chopper, designed especially to honor their support. Designed for the harsh landscape of the post-apocalypse, the Spiked Chopper allows players to travel from encampment to settlement in style while still fending off the occasional mutated beast or hostile clone.

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  1. It’s great to see this game go Free-2-Play, I remember playing this game when it was in beta and pre-ordering it. Was great for about the first 3 months until the community dropped and died. Lovely to come back seeing a rich community with the towns filled with people having fun, instead of only seeing one person within every major town!

    The subscription rates mixed with free-2-play with a awesome formula, no cash shop to make people over powered because they’ve got money. This isn’t saying there isn’t a cash shop, but it only contains cosmetic items.

    If you’re a fun of post-apocalyptic set games, this is the game for you. Just remember, it’s out of the normal within the MMORPG community and will take some time to get used to with the real time crafting and “location” mount, which you’ll understand in the game.

    • A lot of these bugs have been around since the early days of launch, the one thing that is going to keep this game down is it’s bugs. It’s sad to see some of these bugs still around that used to annoy me when I first played it in beta testing.

  2. If you plan on playing i suggest you to wait 1 or 2 week because the game for now is like shit with whipped cream on it, it look nice but it remain shit…

    Server crash like every hours
    Character screen wor 1 time on 5
    Lots of problem like sound cut ect ect ect

    In other word : the game is shit for now and it’s better t ogive them some time but like for the first crash (took them a whole day to repair) don’t expect any good thing soon

  3. Wow, this is just… wow. Want to know why i am so surprised?

    About a week ago i downloaded this after reading about APB Reloaded on this site, since i had finished that one i saw no harm in dling Fallen Earth. Guess what? I saw a troll face reflection when i went to the site to find out there was a 14 day trial, which lead to a immediate delete of the game since i found i was ripped off.

    NOW, like some days later or a full week, it goes free to play?


  4. I downloaded this game today, after all he also has a free trial option you can play free for 14 days and from what I know today he is free to play then expect to get anything free is obvious that it does not take 14 days to be free to play


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