Well, here’s some good news. While a lot of games come and go, making a lot of noise as they launch, do some good things, do some bad things, and (sometimes) die. But other games just kinda go along, doing their own thing, not gaining quite as much press attention, and then you turn around and the game’s been chugging along for two decades. That’s the case for Funcom’s sci-fi MMO Anarchy Online, which launched on June 27, 2001.

In honor of the big anniversary, Funcom is running a few special events. Of course there are daily login rewards. There are also special encounters featuring the Tinker — who can be found in the Newland Desert and needs help with eliminating Desert Nomads. The Desert Rider event has returned too. And, the Big Trox Loren Warr outdoor raid boss is back as well.

In addition, there’s a special tribute video available — for those who’d like to take a look back at the history of Anarchy Online.

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  1. 20 Years? Damn, anarchy Online was my Second MMO I ever tried, first was dark age of Camelot, i think I tried Anarchy Online back in 2003/04, I only had a trial, but the game intrigued me with the Sci Fi style which was the complete opposite to Dark Age of Camelot. Back then I had no PC of my own, so all I had was my Parents PC and that only for an hour at max. Good to see some Games can last this long in this extremely quickly changing MMO market where games shutdown quicker than they can be released.

  2. until they remove the sub requirement won’t be coming back to them trying to label it free to play when its not is just trash and one of the reason people end up leaving the game.

  3. I still feel like come back to AO from time to time, while so many other online games I’ve played, and quit since I would never want to touch again. I’d like to come back to it, but I know I shouldn’t, as then I’d never get anything else done.


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