Hey, MMO players, want to feel really old? EverQuest is turning 20 in March.

In honor of the big two-oh, Daybreak has decided to focus on the game’s community — both in-game and IRL. In-game, players can expect new lands, raids, and rare items when March hits. There will also be two new — and different — progression servers. One will be for the hardcore players in the community, while the other caters to the “ultra-casual”. Both servers will launch around March 16.

As for the IRL activities, the team is putting together a fan event. Since IRL things take time to plan out, players can look forward to this sometime in the summer. And, no, there aren’t any details yet.

And, as is tradition when focusing on a game’s community, the Daybreak team is also asking for player submissions in the form of 20-second videos about how EverQuest has changed their life. Details on how to submit those videos can be found on the EQ site.

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  1. In all my years of playing games since their births, I have only played this game for like 30 minutes during its beta test phase, It never appealed to me as it got caught up with the mass of other beta’s, At that time beta’s never cost to play, we just tested them for devs freely as you should even today, no one should be a unpaid tester, especially now, paying to test a game which is what all these early access players do. which is kind of shameful on the devs to of kept this implemented for so long, which seems far greater than slave labour, as they are paying to be slaves.
    Back to the point, it is obviuos this game stood the test of time. just. 🙂


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