Fiesta Online Introduces New Kingdom Quest In Most Recent Update

Explore a new map and try out the new Elemental mechanic.

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Fiesta Online October Update

A new update is available in Fiesta Online, introducing a new Kingdom Quest, map, rewards, and more. The MMORPG's update also brings the 2023 Halloween event, titled Maze of Madness.

The new Kingdom Quest tasks players with facing a new enemy, Castor. Along with his Midnight Brigade, Castor is experimenting on the children of Isya in order to depose the old gods and create new ones. During the quest, players must stop the ritual intended to bring these changes about.

As mentioned, a new Elemental mechanic has been added to the game as well. This mechanic allows players to acquire elements, Fire, Ice, Wind, and Earth by interacting with the map. Be careful, however. When Elemental Pillars spawn the mini bosses in the area are granted the same element. Players who happen to have the same buff will be debuffed when trying to fight those mini-bosses.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an October update without a Halloween event, so the Maze of Madness is back. Beat Sir Gourd van Pumpkin’s maze to earn titles and other rewards.

The official site breaks down all the new content in multiple posts on its news page.

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