Armored Warfare keeps chugging forward, dashing headlong into its fifth early access testing period, which begins today and lasts until Sept. 20, running 24/7.

This time, the Obsidian Entertainment crew has added a new PvP map to the mix, Lost Island, as well as a new set of daily PvE missions and a kill camera. There’s also a new title system, tutorial mode, better rewards for the second half of a vehicle’s reputation bar, and the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks. You can read a full list of the changes here.

But the star of the update is the British FV721 Fox, a swift and maneuverable recon vehicle that gets as close to “cute” as an armored fighting vehicle can. Well, it’s cute until it unloads on you with its 30mm AP gun. Or missiles.

As usual, you can get guaranteed access into the Armored Warfare early access period by purchasing one of the Founder’s Packs on the Armored Warfare website.


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