Gazillion’s tightened the final few bolts on its newest playable character for Marvel Heroes, War Machine, and in doing so now has half a hundred heroes for players to choose from. Far from an Iron Man clone — and, judging by his trailer video, he’s heard that before — War Machine is less refined than his red-and-gold counterpart, preferring brute force to Tony Stark’s more graceful combat moves.

The latest Marvel Heroes update also gives new life to Cable, giving him some new moves and powers so that he’s “no longer just a guy with a gun,” as Game Designer Anthony Gallegos puts it. Carnage has also been added as a new team-up character, while the X-Men’s iconic training facility, the Danger Room, is in the works for a future release.

Also, in case you misssed it, Marvel Heroes 2015 will soon be called Marvel Heroes 2016, which makes sense until 2017 rolls around. Then it’ll be Marvel Heroes 2018 and we’ll be looking forward to Marvel Heroes 2019… Someone just invent a time-travel device already, so we can play Marvel Heroes 2562.

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    • Every game is a grindfest. Some just have a bit more than others, but every game is. I’m not saying this game is good, just that you calling it a grindfest is kind of not even needed.


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