Neverwinter‘s Tomb of Annihilation update is officially live as of today. This means it’s time for players to take on an expedition into the Jungles of Chult — where the dinosaurs play. Of course, you’ll need a reason to go there. But one will be provided in the need of a cure to a wide-spread curse.

In honor of the launch, and to remind everyone just how dangerous Chult can be, the Neverwinter team provided the following travel tips for players:

  • The jungles of Chult are deadly. We’ve said this before, but I’m going to stress it here: team up. The creatures of Chult certainly do when they are hunting you…
  • Once you’ve unlocked the secrets of the death curse, a new dungeon, Tomb of the Nine Gods is ready to explore.
  • Have your khyek from Sea of Moving Ice? Try it out on the Soshenstar River!
  • Repeatable Adventure Quests are a great way to procure treasure maps.
  • The King of Spines is named that for a reason.
  • Whatever you do, do NOT snicker at Nanny Pu’pu’s name.
  • Searching and exploring will turn up cool stuff.
  • Sunscreen. Seriously.

To be fair… While sunscreen is typically a good idea, it may not be as necessary in this case. Unless you’re trying to avoid getting a tan from the glow of your monitor…

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