NCSoft announced recently that the next major update for Aion, titled Heart of Frost, will be hitting the game’s servers on January 10th. This update takes players back to the Abyss Core and the Divine Fortress to take it back from Ereshkigal’s icy army.

The announcement highlights two other features of the update. The first is the Mirash Sanctum, where harvesters experiment with Drana in order to revive Ereshkigal’s troops. The second is the Frozen Monolith tied to Ereshkigal’s influence on the Abyss.

While there’s not a lot of details on the update as of yet, the Aion team does promise more info as they get closer to the update’s launch in January. So, fans will want to keep an eye on the game’s site until then.


As promised, NCSoft has doled out more info on the upcoming update, although not a lot of it. That said, there is a new video that makes heavy use of a all the different shades of blue. There’s some other colors in there too.

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