Fans of Oliver Queen finally have something to smile about in DCUO as the Green Arrow is introduced to the Legends PvP mode. Playing as an acrobatic type style (makes sense), the Green Arrow not only comes as a new addition, but is in fact the first bow user to be introduced to the game.

Green Arrow comes equipped with a bevy of ranged attacks including an AOE rain of arrows and a jumping lightning attack that leaps from target to target provided they are in close proximity. Speed and range are the name of the game, but the Green Arrow also has a few melee attacks in his arsenal as well as a stun break that can be used when the action gets a little too close for comfort.

While this character is only availabe for Legends PvP currently, the DUCO stream did hint at a possible PvE inclusion but weren’t ready to reveal anything just yet.

Green Arrow is can be unlocked both in game or through a cash shop purchase. Members can unlock him with Marks of Legend. Check it out and let us know what you think below! You can also read through the whole reveal here.

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  1. While archery is great for PVE, I speak from experience when I say it is not suitable for PVP at all as far as weapons go. It’s generally acknowledged that by and far the three best weapons for PVP are Martial Arts, Brawling and Rifle. Catwoman, Ursa, Amon Sur, Sinestro, Bane, Zod, Two-face and most all of the other lanterns have dominated Legends and will continue to do so simply because the weapon styles they use are highly advantageous for quick block breaks, fast combos and interrupts.

    As a character Green Arrow is awesome, but realistically taking a bow weapon into PVP is asking for trouble since most of its damage comes from flurry shot–which has a blatant tell to it and is easily interrupted long before you get the attack off. Sadly, it looks as if Green Arrow will end up to be subpar and played mostly because fans like him, rather than him being a good Legend–a treatment that characters such as Power Girl and Superman also suffer (because they are inferior DPS and skill selection-wise to the other kryptonians Ursa, Zod and Bizarro).

    It is a shame.


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