If you’ve been following (or taking part in) Red 5’s Chosen Offensive weekends, you know that round 2 didn’t go so well for the devs. The Chosen Offensive is a weekend event where the Dev team takes on the role of elite Chosen monstrosities to take down as many players as possible. As the video shows, it seems the devs might have underestimated the Firefall players last time out and they vow to get revenge this weekend.

Yeah, the video may be a bit cheesy but you have to love the way the devs seem to be having as much fun as the players do. Of course, I’m a big fan of a “Lord of the Rings Online” shirt making an appearance as well!

A brand new Chosen Glider Wing reward is being added for this weekend’s festivities. This is on top of all the previous battle rewards still being available.

This weekend’s battle will take place on Sunday, October 5th from 11 AM – 2 PM PDT. You can find out more and get details on how you can join in the fray on the event’s official page.

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  1. Man this event was so much fun, the Devs were soo OP but I somehow didn’t die plus I managed to record some amazing mid air fighting wich was epic 🙂

    • The game did get lots of attention, but it was dismissed because Red 5 pussed out with the launch day patch. In alpha/beta, it had some fresh and innovative ideas for an MMO, but they threw it all away at the last minute and turned it into a lame WoW clone instead. They had their chance and they blew it.
      RIP in piss, Firefall.

  2. Round 1 and 2 was bad for tons of people and they really hated this event…Why you say? Well because the timeframe is PDT and I have been hearing that it is really early in the morning in Australian time ( Believe its about 4am in the morning ) so it is hard for them to do the event another reason why people hate it is because the shard/server can not handle that many people in one game and the game automatically logs the player out of the game if there is to much lag and the timer resets ( 1 hour of game time to get reward, continuously ) so if you do this event your best bet is just go to mess around in-game for 1 hour ( glide around, play with the printer, etc. NOTE: You can not go AFK you get auto logged out I believe and your timer will reset ) then after you get your reward then actually do the events mainly because you will get logged out and your timer will reset if you do the events before the 1 hour is completed, referring to what I said earlier. Although I have never experienced this a ton of people on the server I was in for round 1 + 2 has been logged out and their timer reset also sometimes they would lag out at the 59 min time and they just need 1 more min but they got logged out and the timer reset, SO AS I SAID BEFORE JUST MESS AROUND FOR 1 HOUR THEN WHEN YOU HAVE THE REWARD THEN YOU ACTUALLY DO THE EVENTS, DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DO THE EVENTS DURING THE 1 HOUR PROGRESS, WAIT UNTIL YOU GET THE REWARD FIRST DO NOT RISK IT.

    P.S. Sorry for long post, its just last time there were so many threads complaining about this thing and didn’t want it to be spammed with whine threads ( on official FireFall Forums no these forums )


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