After almost two years in closed beta and numerous reworks to the various progression systems, Red 5 Studios has finally announced the open beta date for their MMOTPS Firefall. The sci-fi open world shooter will enter into open beta starting on July 9th. During the open beta Red 5 plans on adding new features and content including an episodic story campaign, more dynamic missions, world events, and open world PvP.

“ We’re incredibly excited to be nearing what we consider to be the most important stage of Firefall’s development – Open Beta,” said James Macauley, Vice President of Development, Red 5 Studios. “For us, Open Beta isn’ta traditional ‘marketing beta’, but rather an opportunity to include many more players in our community-driven development process. We’re looking forward to welcoming these new players into the community and continuing to build an amazing game together.”

Leading up to the open beta Red 5 plans on rolling out some major milestones starting in May. These milestones include; a new city power level system where players can receive bonuses and rewards by increasing the power level of major cities by completing local PvE content, melding exploration through the use of special dropships, Chosen instances and new crafting and Battleframe progression which includes a new UI.

You can find more details by visiting the official site here. Are you looking forward to the open beta?

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  1. I play firefall since the start of the closed beta and the devs do a thing every like 4 months. they change the progression/leveling/getin items completely and they wash all the thing you have done till then. when the game first came into beta you was leveling up and get unlocks and you craft then they make a tree-progression ((this period was my favorite the tree system was easy to get and nice maden)) AND NOW you gust get exp and spend it for a fckn upgrades for a thing you dont even get and that brake my conection with this game.

  2. was in beta…. last change to talents is plain retarded, craft boring, all u will do is grind xp and resources.
    pvp nothing special.

  3. What I don’t understand is that they specifically said they were not going to do an open beta in the first place.
    They were going to stay closed till release.

    Don’t get me wrong, Firefall is a great game, but as it stand now, its getting so much backlash because of its underdeveloped status. With this being shifted to open beta in its state…it scares me a lot.

  4. Been messing about, going on way too long, haven’t played this for months, might give it a quick try if ppl start saying it’s changed even more / isn’t boring. Those who wanted to play found a code, even ppl were giving their extra keys away on the forum to give players a go so….no anticipation for the game since the majority that are / were interested have had their rummage through this gameplay.

    I’ll keep messing about in GW2 until the next ftp game starts (to give me a break from GW2, nothing so far has fulfilled the gaming needs), heck I’ll even give Defiance a quick run over when it goes ftp

    • Yeah I totally hear you on this. I’ve been following Firefall for a long time and finally dished out the money for the Commander last year to support them, but honestly…haven’t logged on in months, half a year even, consistently….even after the latest patch. Which seemed to add new visuals, sounds, new frames, new crafting, etc…but honestly though, games still incomplete in my eyes. Game play is pretty much boring the shit out of me, thumping non stop for resources is boring as hell (not to mention slow/tedious), crafting is meh as I don’t really feel we’re getting much choice on gear and our appearance, and well the anticipation and hype on the game has died out drastically. Many players, including myself, are just more focused on other games that offer more in the areas of customization, pve, pvp, raids, crafting, basically everything Firefall seems to lack strengths in at the moment.

      As far as GW2, haven’t played that in 7 months. Stopped playing after the Halloween event, games just boring, no end game, and well it’s not fulfilling my mmorpg needs at all after the intial “ooh” of the first 2 days. Its highly repetitive in a boring way. Defiance man…that game is so unfinished too but some of my friends are enjoying it for what it is, a rushed game by Trion. Not worth the $60 bucks imo just wait for it to go F2P like you said, I might as well use my $60 on Dragon’s Prophet, Archeage, or Elder Scrolls Online.

      • of course its incomplete its in “beta” im so tired of people like you whining about how its “incomplete” thts the POINT HONESTLY DONT JOIN THE BETA IF YOUR GOING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW ITS INCOMPLETE

        • N.B neither of us stated the word incomplete, we got bored of the consistent part of the game e.g resource thumping.

          Don’t think you understand what we really mean — the alpha? (not sure if this even happened) / closed beta was pretty much open i.e you could find a key quite easily to play — it has lasted way too long (yes they’ve made changes) but we’ve found the gameplay to get boring quick. Anti climax for open beta date then live date, it means nothing, no wipes I believe? Prob be some events / tweaks nothing major.

      • WvW is the only thing for me (the part of the game that they for sure need to swing more resources to) this is my end game. Not a dungeon runner, Spvp meh what is that rubbish.

        My feelings and I’m sure alot of others must feel the same way, GW2 damaged / hindered future BTP titles even what surely will be ESO.

        Never played Runes of Magic but this Dragon’s Prophet might be something to have a nice crack at, I’ll just jump onto whichever version goes open beta first provided no IP block (UK is rarely blocked)

        I won’t pay to play…hmmm maybe if I win the lottery…..then I’d play Eve

  5. Haven’t played Firefall in a long time, but i’ve been watching the game on some YT gaming channels. From what i’ve seen they did some major updates to crafting and i think you also need to craft Battleframe parts now. Looks cool. I need to check it out.

    I’m glad they finally announced OB. Been so long in CB all the hype is gone for most of those that were excited about it. From what i know there won’t be a wipe, at least that will save me from some farming 😀
    And i guess if CB is ending i will finally get to build my bike 😀 i hope that bike building update won’t be delayed until release.

  6. waited for 2 years till got a key but poor graph card made me unistall it
    however i found the man-chosen war unfinished and unbalanced,RIP Firefall :/

  7. I was so excited about this last year, but then i found Warframe, and… other games started to fade away, don’t even know if i’ll be trying this now 😐

    • right now game is a nightmare, if you hate crafting and thumping good luck, that all u have to do for weeks to make any progression at all

      this on top of thumper groups/solos that never invite and hog the resource markers, ul be lucky to get anything but trash for helping them out of squad as well
      ( i tried a week+ before i gave up this bullshit, dont got time fo that!! )


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