Firefall kicks off Open Beta, Unveils Deliciously Cheesy Live-Action Trailer

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor July 9, 2013

Its out! Red 5's MMOFPS Firefall has finally been released. Usually when an MMO transitions from closed to open beta we see the addition of some new content, but Red 5 seems to think the last closed beta milestone update should tie players over for just a bit.

That isn't to say Red 5 is sending players on their way empty handed. A unabashedly cheesy live-action trailer has been released for Firefall. So cheezy in fact, I can't help but be reminded of the nineties power-ranger period live-action shows. The enemy Chosen's over-sized head only served to reinforce the nostalgic cheese vibes I was getting from the trailer. Experience it above.

While some developers tip-toe around what Open Beta means for their game, whether it be a "soft-release" or what have you, Red 5 has been very upfront with players. A news post on the game's official site, underlines how appreciative and excited the developers are, but they go on to stress that Firefall is still very much a work in progress. "You may experience things in game that are incomplete or not working" Red 5 says. "We would rather ship a product to you, our players, and gather feedback on that feature earlier rather than later to make sure we're on the right track".

Personally, I was hoping to see the explorable area of Firefall expanded upon once the game transitioned into open beta. As it stands, players are still somewhat confined to the starting region and new content has been slow to trickle in for veteran closed beta players. You can start playing Firefall now by visiting the official site here.

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Michael Dunaway
Michael Dunaway, News Editor
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Discussion (28)

TheGamer 8 years ago
The game is actually pretty fail. It gets a 4 out of 10 due to the one thing in game thats good the ARES missions being dynamic and moving around the world.

The following thou fails.

Durability some items are repairable some are not they do not state on the items if they are or not. The devs for what ever reason have stated they think its good for their economy. Well it could be good but putting on a item if its repairable or not would be smart wouldnt it..

Its a super grind fest. You have to grind resources, XP and crystite a type of currency all 3 are needed for upgrading gear buying stuff and or character progression.

Techs which are talents are pretty much worthless. The things they currently do to your battleframe(character) is basically nothing.

PVP is the worst Think unbalanced meets the ring around a rosey childhood game. Basically some Battleframes are so Overpowered its not funny if your not a light frame with high amount of damage your not able to do anything in pvp. Want to kill someone hope they dont just keep running away from you while jumping from point to point because you wont be able to hit them.
They want to make this a esport but let me tell you with a mixture of tribes and Unreal tournament this ends up being complete fail.

One of thie biggest issues in the game is their so called Sin Network. Its tied into every single aspect of the game and lags like crap. Try to add a item to your armor try again and again and again.Think your done doing a quest think again you might have to do it 3-5 times even if you completed it and handed it in and got the reward.

The worst part of the game the crafting system. In game there is no information on it what so ever
it does not tell you that you need to use a certain grade of resource in order to get any benifit to your crafted item, it does not explain that you have to wait sometimes days to weeks to craft a piece of gear.

Want to go dungeoning forget it before you can do PVE content you need to craft some ridiculous key that not only uses too much resources to see the content but is costly.

They do have a kind of unique form of travel called the glider however if you look up you die falling to your death.

Want to get around faster too bad you need 200k+ money and have to craft your motorcycle.

The menu and skillz disapear constantly from the UI and the only fix is logging out and back in.
When doing this the Horrible AI Voice of Areo or Oilspill decide to kick start usually saying the same thing 3 times.

overall rating 4 out of 10 on the beta

Bic Boi 8 years ago
Was excited long ago for this but it's a case of too little too late. Too many other games came out and have swept up my entertainment time. Sorry Firefall. You were just too slow.

Aizen 8 years ago
2 questions :

1 : is this game Pay to win ?

2 : is it worth a try ?

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KalameesJr 8 years ago
After playing it for a few days I feel like the game becomes incredibly repetitive and grindy hella fast.
Not to mention that PvP wise I'd prolly rather play Tribes Ascend for jetpack action or Planetside 2 because well duh...

Overall I'm not impressed.

Dreadlox 8 years ago
first i was like" omg i need" then i was like" ohh buggy games unplayable" for me i wanna craft something and it dont make it... and im stuck

paper 8 years ago
Whenever I play this game I lag terribly, even on the lowest graphics settings and I don't know what to do about. Any advice would be great.

TRB 8 years ago
For all the people bitching about that it's buggy etc. Every game has problems when it hits Open-Beta, just give it some time to fix out server issues .

Gamer X 8 years ago

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Golgo28 8 years ago
You do realize you don't buy free to play games?And CoD hasn't been original since CoD4.It's been the same copy and paste job every year.How about you go to whatever pit serve as CoD forums and you and the other trolls and fanboys can have a circle jerk every time one of you foul mouthed cretins puts the game on.

Poopsontrolls 8 years ago
Trolls are annoying, CoD trolls are terrible, fake CoD trolls are worse than hitler. Beat yourself in the face with your keyboard and learn to troll better.

Re: This is the worst game ever ripodd of call of duty 8 years ago
Hey listen to me call of duty fanboy! go away...besides everyone knows battlefield is better

This is the worst game ever ripoff of call of duty 8 years ago
absolutley do not buy this game so not worth the $120

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tytgamer 8 years ago
game is REALLY buggy, even after months of closed beta you cant even finish the "equip your secondary weapon" tutorial quest, makes you wonder if devs actually tried the game, of if they even read players feedback

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Razer 8 years ago
This game has the potential to be a truly amazing mold-breaker, but if they're not careful it could end up being shallow and repetitive. Only time will tell.

matt (from accounting) 8 years ago
I had completely forgotten about this game. And now that it's actually "out", I can't say I really care. Especially with it still being a supposed "work in progress" after all this time. Oh, and this live action trailer was so embarrassing. Incredibly hard to watch.

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Mounted Bitchez! 8 years ago
will this game be on steam? I think it would be really good for the game

MrPants 8 years ago
Got in one one of the beta weekends but I haven't played since. Is anyone else having trouble actually getting their site to work? It keeps timing out when I try to sign in.

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Flevalt 8 years ago
The new payment model: F2P-Reborn.

Also cool news.

ugurano 8 years ago
this game kill fusionfall, realy crap game

Buzzcut 8 years ago
Sweet! (But I'm not as excited as I was a year+ ago...)

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