After a long and undoubtedly checkered development period, Red 5 has finally announced Firefall is nearing its official release date. Set to go live on July 29th, Firefall’s official launch is said to be much more than a mere rebranding from Open Beta. On top of introducing several major changes aimed at simplifying the MMO’s progression and crafting systems, Firefall will also receive its largest content update ever.

According to Red 5, the official launch update will quadruple the amount of world space in Firefall and add roughly 15-times the amount of content previously available during beta. New zones will be added at launch including Devil’s Tusk and a brand new open-world continent in which players can opt to participate in PvP while capturing, controlling territory, and harvesting resources. The introduction of open world PvP is a feature long requested by fans and represents the return of PvP after Firefall’s instanced based PvP was removed last year.

Firefall is currently available to download through the official site however, players may also elect to download the game through Steam after launch.

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  1. Game was fine in cb, after super crap changes game is down, super shit crafting system is first thing wich ruined game, repetetive 3 minute quests and neverending thumping over and over and over and over, all you do is these 3 min quests and thumping, there is nothing more, super shit crafting system, i cant believe what ideot implemented this shit, you need to grind years even with boosters to max out one character all skills, tonns of unknown materials, there is no tutorial even ,only player made, to build some stuff u need to google hours and hours, 8 or more years in developement , no one listening community, 90% negative comments about same things, hard to find some real players ingame in bigger cities, why they wasting time on dead game, without changes miracle wont happen.

  2. Well I’m eager to see this new update, Not TOO excited about the new progression system but I’ll give it a look before I pass judgement

  3. There is one thing i’m worried about thou, if its open world pvp then that means those pvp crazed kiddies will be able to bother me during whatever it is i’ll be doing? that may not be good at all, i dislike to be bothered after all, hope they got nice punishment system at least so i can go hunting for their stuff after they go red. 🙂 Although doubt pk system works in this game like in good ol’ L2 back in the day. xD

  4. people wanted to play this game so bad a few years ago, the developers took too long, removed pvp and other stupid decisions, now no one cares about it

    i feel like the same might happen with archeage if trion doesnt hurry up

  5. i remember all the idiots saying “i cant wait to play this game” or “this game is so cool” when it was in close beta….Dont judge a game by a video they release or by some pics…the gameplay is that what really matters.And if u havnt tryed a game just dont speak kids!Game is totall SHIT

  6. Probably not going to even play since they are removing everyone’s resources for no reason, the only thing you have been able to do in Firefall is grind for resources because of the lack of content, now they are taking it all away, and the beta resource rewards thing is a joke they could not of put in a more terrible system, its so un-thought out, not to mention this is the second time they are doing it. Sorry Firefall i was a extreme fan of yours i even submitted multiple fan-art but but im not going to play your grind fest just to have it all taken away again.

    • There is a number of reasons, they removing quality value from resources there will be only like 3 types of them now, and the game was beta in the first place with complications along the way as well. And if you actually read the article which you obviously didn’t even bother to you can see this: “According to Red 5, the official launch update will quadruple the amount of world space in Firefall and add roughly 15-times the amount of content previously available during beta.”

      Speaking of beta resources, i never really cared.. what? you were late for the little competition they’ve set up and now you go all “poof” from anger? ^^)
      And since they’re set on releasing the game they’re not going to take away anything anymore after this one last time at 14-15 july.

  7. Jeez, you people are so negative. I, for one, am looking forward to this new update and full launch, despite Firefall’s shortcomings.

    • Lol, they’re basically equal, defiance imo being more boring because it’s repetitive as sht.
      Unlike ff defiance gets you bored in a matter of few days.

  8. Ha ha, find this announcement of a launch funny, after so long.

    Being on Steam, guess that could help increase numbers that will try it.

    Went onto the site and saw they have Launch packages (cue more laughter)…….they must have made so much money from founder’s packages that they thought they could milk it further.

  9. As soon as I saw Firefall, I expected a closure notice.

    Its been dead for months, I haven’t heard nor seen any sign of life from it in ages.
    This is just like Trion continuing to try breathe life into the dead corpse of Rift. It’s kinda sad.

    • i been playing this game seens it came out there are tons of people playing it so i dont know what your talking about

        • I agree with him. I still see new players playing the game even though I stay in the high levels. Check the game out again then see if there’s players playing it. Because for me the game is still populated.

          • Month ago when I tried to get back into the game, in 2 hours I saw 3 people. The world seemed dead, nothing happening. Boring and uninstalled. That about sums up most players experiences i’m sure, the only people still playing are the ones clinging to it since open beta launch.

  10. Wow finally an official launch after several years of waiting for the beta to be closed. Got to quit long ago after fighting bugs while fighting bugs if you know what i mean :).

  11. That’s good news. Happy to see they’ve finally got something they are happy with. Was worried about the game for awhile. I might go back and check it out once it fully releases. Got kinda bored in the beta when all there was to do was find bugs, make suggestions, and…basically it. I’m not cut out to be a beta tester for a long period of time I suppose.

    But grats to the R5 team for finally getting it to released status. I’m happy for them and hope it turns out into everything they want and everything the fans want.


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