Red 5 Studios has declared war! No longer will you be able to order books and DVDs online and stream videos to your devices!

Oh wait… wrong Amazon.

Rather, Update 1.3 for Firefall, War in the Amazon, brings players to Firefall’s first warzone, a max-level zone with super-challenging enemies and new missions that will put players up against the worst the Chosen have to offer.

Update 1.3 also introduces Big Game Hunter, which brings with it a set of new achievements for taking down the nastiest of the nasties, as well as improvements to grouping, updates to the faction reward system, and new battleframe cores.

The update goes live today and has its own dedicated subsite with more details here. And watch out for those drones.

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  1. Everything in Shop can be bought by playing, you don’t have to put a dime in the game and everything in shop its not pay2win, mostly vanity items like helms, paints stuff like that
    The game its way way better now then it use to be though it has some issues with end game…Amazon its a nice place but the rewards not enough to make you comeback there after you get the core for example (there are some new cores you can get once you hot an reputation lvl)
    Either way the game its free and i recommend it to everyone, there is no pay2win again and no OP stuff…everyone can get top gear, how fast depends on how much you play
    my 2 cents

  2. Repeetive crap, devs are scammers, so many times tye removed players stuff and not refund anything, repetetive 3 min missions, neverending repetetive thumpering,all about devs talk is buy beans buy beans…, ingame cash for real cash, and its a pay to win u cant do a shet in “dungeons” if u not invest, boring repetetive pay to win crap from scammers with worst skill upgrade system ever made and u need tonns of player made addons to know where is what

    • What should they refund for a free to play game? Items which people actually pay for (cosmetic stuff) doesn’t get wiped. If you paid for something and it got wiped, you should contact Red 5 support and they will replace the item. Then again, maybe you are just upset about something that happened to you personally, but to call Red 5 devs scammers is definitely a reach.

    • Also, calling Firefall “pay to win” is a load of crap. The only thing players can pay for is cosmetic and convenience items (convenience= speeding up research or manufacturing times for crafting, or vehicles that make you move faster). You CANNOT buy anything that would give you any advantage whatsoever in combat.

  3. Was fun to play Firefall before the major changes but like then so as nowdays remains pointless.Just run up and down doing same things and waiting ages for printing.

    No future unless they put some proggresive story!

  4. I can only admire there attitude towards updating the game in the recent months its a huge shame this didnt get out of beta much sooner.


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