Red 5 Studios announced that Firefall has reached more than 500,000 registered members. To prepare the coming wave of new players for their first journey into Firefall’s universe, Red 5 has revealed the official system requirements:


OS: Windows XP (32/64-bit)
PROCESSOR (AMD): Dual Core @ 2.6 Ghz (Athon 64 x2, Athlon II x2, Phenom II x2)
PROCESSOR (Intel): Dual Core @ 2.2 Ghz (Core 2, Core i3, Pentium Dual Core)
GPU: DirectX 9 compatible AMD or Nvidia video card with 1GB RAM (AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4550 or Nvidia Geforce 8600)


PROCESSOR (AMD): Quad Core @ 2.8 Ghz (Athlon II X4, Phenom, Phenom II X4)
PROCESSOR (Intel): Quad Core @ 2.4 Ghz (Core 2 Quad, i5, i7)
GPU: AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4850 or Nvidia Geforce GTS 450

As Firefall moves into stage two of its exclusive beta, gamers can expect to see a large number of invites sent out to meet growing demand. Anyone can sign-up for the chance to be invited into the beta over at


  1. Alright i have
    core 2 quad 2.4ghz
    GTX 660 OC edition
    4GB ram

    all on lowest settings. 1280-800 resolution

    15-20 FPS

    Do not fucking listen to these requirments.

    Real requirments.
    like fucking

    Intel Extreme Series Core i7 4930K 6-Core LGA2011
    3 SLI GTX Titans
    64GB ram

  2. i have much more than recommended requirements, but the game doesn’t run smooth on maximum. So what should i understand, it’s because is still beta, or it’s not optimized ?

  3. well the graphics looks pretty dates compared to what we saw on pc in 2012 sofar n my 7 week odl gaming rig can run this game in 10 instances at same time fine i bet.

  4. Another crap game. The environments make your horribly rendered character and mobs look like crap. Strangely the gun models in FPS view are well done like the environment. Switch out to 3rd person or look at some one else and then it dumbs down. What…it just feels and looks stupid. To further enhance this idea of stupid design. Half the content is bugs you look down at. So you wield these massive guns that look like they were torn off off an space frigrate, only to shot at the bugs on the ground point down while bunny hopping in a circle. I hated the CB tests. I hated the hype. It is really bad game. I only support the maps with one complaint, the engine could have made destructable terrain and or moving events. Like a mmountain there yesterdya is gone today (goes with the terraforming story). But no. Rushed to market it is just another crap FPS like Black light flopped out to be.

    • Blacklight did exactly what it set out to do dumbass. You got exactly what they said it would be so stop being such a prick.

  5. Its really sad for me, the next day i got beta key my pc video card started act like a bitch, now i can’t play any game decently and NO FIREFALL im so pathetic now. 🙁


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