operation miru

Not to be outdone by Blizzard releasing an expansion this week, the team at Red 5 Studios has an announcement of their own. Ok, maybe it pales in comparison but if you’re a Firefall fan, this weekend would be a great time to scoop up extra credit.

The bonus reputation event runs from November 14th at 4:00 PM until the 17th at 4:00 PM (all times PST) and allows you to gain a 25% boost to all reputation vouchers.

If you’re looking to do a bit of “catch up” before Firefall’s next major update goes live (probably on the 18th) this is a great chance to do so. Patch 1.2 now has the name “Together Toward Victory” and includes the previously teased Operation: Miru, Skydock Chosen offensive, and the melded Outbreak watchtowers event.

Check out the official patch site and the bonus weekend details!

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  1. For people who remember that thumping with large thumpers was the Firefall end-game, well they have some serious catching-up to do. Game now has Coral Forest partitioned for zoned leveling up to 24lvl, next Sertao/Dredge 25-35lvl and then the end-game zone of Devil Tusk with dropships leading to raids. Thumping is not an issue until ur max level so u want to make best gear ofc but for some rare materials players must thump in Broken Peninsula – a PvP zone. All that being said, in my opinion end-game is still somewhat lacking, and leveling is the most fun.Though Firefall does come to me in periods when I play it for 1-2 months and then leave until new content comes, it fails to hook me long-term. Not sure is it good or bad since like this I also play other online games.

    • lmao i was about to give it another chance again for the 7th time but you comment made me to remember everytime i got mad at firefall and now i decided to not give it another chance


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