The ex-Trion, now-gamigo games have community managers! All of them, even Atlas … I mean, Atlas Reactor!

A letter, titled “Meet the new game team!” has just been posted to the forums of all of Trion Worlds’ former games. Each letter is from the same user, “AnneBonny” and is identical, except for the sign-off, which is “Your [Game] Team” — save Atlas Reactor, which is just “Your Atlas team.” Each game’s community manager will be introducing himself or herself individually on Monday.

As for the content of the letters, well, it’s not much, and it’s pretty much the kind of assurances that should have been posted as soon as the sale to gamigo was finalized. Games will continue, patch schedule might be a little messy in the short term, everything is totally fine, that sort of thing. For the most part, you could copy and paste these posts and apply them to the buyout of any game from any company.

One exception that’s particular to Trion Worlds/gamigo’s games, however, is the status of Patrons and Creators. Patron status will remain the same as it is, while the Creator program will be suspended for the time being, because “Effectively managing a program of that size was a huge task and we want to be sure that if we launch the program again down the road it will be a great experience for everyone.”

Still, it’s notable that all five games are included in this messaging, which seems to indicate that Defiance and Atlas Reactor — two games that we thought were on the chopping block, perhaps even before the end of 2018 — will continue for now. We’ll learn more once we get the heads-up from the new community managers on Monday.

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