Multiple sources are reporting that Trion Worlds has been acquired by free-to-play game publisher Gamigo, and that the developer of Rift, Trove, and Defiance has laid off a number of staff members as part of the transition.

An official statement was posted earlier today on the Rift forums by Community Manager Linda “Brasse” Carlson, who appears not to have been affected by the layoffs. She stated that “there has been a transaction involving Trion Worlds and its games,” without mentioning Gamigo specifically, and that some staff members “will not be making the journey.” Unsurprisingly, she stated that “games will continue on in capable hands moving forward” while thanking players for their continued support.

A source has confirmed to Gamasutra that the layoffs affected “the vast majority” of employees at Trion’s Redwood City, Calif. and Austin, Texas studios, and that Trion employed about 200 people prior to today. The Gamasutra source said that “only 25 or so employees were given the opportunity to continue on with the studio.”

As for what this means for Trion and its games, you can’t help but be pessimistic. While Trion does have its own launcher, all its games are also available on Steam, and Steam Charts’ numbers for its non-Trove games are not that great. (Steam Charts only allows four games to be compared, and Atlas Reactor would rate below the other four.) I could see Trove and Rift continuing, along with ArcheAge while it continues to bring in money — which it probably still does — but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the underperforming Defiance 2050 or Atlas Reactor get the ax in the not-too-distant future.


  1. really not surprising they sold themselves off, rift has barely peaked over 1000 for quite a while, average not since 2015, defiance old and new on steam has been laughable, trove has been decent, archage barely managing 1000 players.

    Wonder what Gamigo will do with the games

  2. Not surprising, really. They ruined all of their games (at least the ones that I played) over the years. Can’t see things improving much with Gamigo, to be honest. But then I’m done with Trion games anyway.

  3. Its the manager and his cronies of the company that are the problem. they never see players as an asset with concerns, all they sought was to undermine them and forget their issues. = TRION backlash.

      • Atlas reactor is really good if your into turn based strategy.
        Rift is good if you ignore raiding and pvp, its worth playing for a bit just to see the leveling content and rifts. Dunno about Trove and Defiance and I think they are going to drop the Archeage publishing deal.

  4. Any chance that Rift will be trully F2P (with all expansions and classes) instead of free trial? I hope that new owners make that game playable again

    • Why is the hell blazing f**, would they give the expansions/classes for free?

      The base game is completely free. Not the DLC’s.


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