The calendars have been marked and the date is set: Flyff Gold will launch on July 11. The popular free-to-play MMORPG which has given hundreds of thousands of players the chance to Fly for Fun will enter its new version with a slew of new features that change the look, feel, and content of the game.

Break away from the pack of players sporting similar sets of equipment and choose the weapon that you want your character to have. Flyff Gold’s brand new Weapon Transformation system transfers the stats from any weapon to another weapon of the same type. Give the stats of an end-game, ultimate sword to that cool-looking sword from a level 50 dungeon, or slap them onto a wooden training sword so your enemies don’t see you coming!

Find the gear you really want with the Consignment Marketplace, a new system inspired by player requests. Anyone can bring their loot and set their price in the new market, immediately freeing up their inventory and placing sales into an automated system. Shoppers can teleport to the market to find prices for the item they want in one single, central storefront with an easy search feature.

Put that new gear to the test in PvP and win great rewards in Guild Siege events! Charge into an eight-way guild battle and win exquisite items like the never-before released Golden Wings, rare Cloak of Honor, and more that will be revealed through victory. The rewards include the same top level equipment as dungeons, so anyone who prefers PvP can gear up entirely through Guild Siege events.

Brag about those achievements on social networks, instant messages, or the Flyff forums without ever leaving the game thanks to the addition of the Overwolf client. The Road to Flyff Gold continues with on-going Log-In and Level-Up events to help players get ready for July 11.

Prepare for launch and preview the new features at the official website.


  1. Gpotato has always lacked a certain…zing. They release all this great content(or so we think) and in the end becomes unplayable due to the fact that they never update their server hardware to handle the loads of new and old players alike swarming the servers after a massive update.

    I stopped playing Gpotato games after the massive crash of Rappelz that left my account completely unprotected allowing hackers to hack many accounts.

    I wish someone else would take over FlyFF because it had a great play style, but on Gpotato it is crap.


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