Flying Brooms, Candy Bandits, And Weird Looking Ponies Are All Part Of The Skyforge Halloween Event

Take part in the festivities and unlock limited time costumes.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Skyforge Halloween

Spooky season has hit yet another game, this time taking over Skyforge. During the game’s Halloween event, players can fly brooms, fight candy bandits, and…bring a bunch of horse-related items together to summon “the Harbinger” – that spooky horse in the image above.

First off, the broom flying, players can fly a broom in the Park and earn various rewards during specific times of the day. Just, be careful, other players may try to knock you off your broom and no one wants that. When not flying brooms, players will need to be on the lookout for Candy Bandits. They are, in fact, candy-shaped creatures that will drop special items, quests, and candy when defeated. Turn in the candy for special rewards.

And then there’s the Harbinger, a creature that can be summoned using a collection of items. The first is a Ghostly Horseshoe that can be found on the market. The other items are a Black Saddle, a Sinister medallion, and Spiked Bits. These might be some of the items dropped by Candy Bandits, but it’s also possible that defeating other Immortals may earn players the items as well. It’s likely a combination of both, and we’re sure someone will figure it out.

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