In a rather lengthy blog post published recently, Phoenix Labs detailed some of its ideas and plans to make exploring islands more fun for Dauntless players. These plans come as the result of feedback from Closed Beta participants.

The post, which was created in the spirit of transparency, shares early concepts with players. There are four main design points covered: destructible environments, new points of interest, a new form of traversal, and — of course — more islands.

Destructible environments is pretty much what it sounds like, and they may not necessarily work out in the favor of the players. As it turns out, the Behemoths are pretty capable of taking out a few environmental obstacles to get to someone if they have to.

In the points of interest category, the developers are offering players more to explore and more items to find. Explore a new village and find all kinds of goodies like potions, notes, and more.

As for the whole getting around thing, the new traversal forms discussed will allow players to use natural features — as well as Aether — for a more vertical approach to getting around islands. And, speaking of islands — well — “new islands” is pretty easy to interpret, but if you’d like a peek at some of the things they have in mind, you can check out some of the images on the official post.

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  1. Interestingly, in early Dauntless, I suggested to add in more small stuff like Minions/sub-species to explore the Islands instead of just running straight to Behemoths and ignore pretty much all other stuff. (which at that time, most players actually disliked this idea and says they just wants to fight Bosses and do nothing else)

    And guess what we have now? LOL, they’re adding in small stuff to encourage players to not just rush to Bosses. I guess this is the effect of people watching Monster Hunter Worlds where some stuff can be interacted in there. And those people is now giving Feedback as the old Dauntless players either stopped playing or moved to MH:W.


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