forge of empires

If you’ve ever questioned the profitability of browswer-based free-to-play games, then Forge of Empires is here for you. Earlier today, InnoGames revealed that the game hit a lifetime revenue mark of EUR 250 million (just under 280 million USD). This means that the game has increased its revenue intake year over year as it had hit the 100 million mark in 2015, three years after launch. Considering the initial development costs of the game was 1 million EUR, that’s… not bad.

Of course, it’s important to note that this number does include the mobile games. In fact, mobile counts for the larger share of revenue, as noted by InnoGames’ CEO Hendrik Klindworth:

“I’m especially proud of our achievements in mobile as we’ve been able to grow this segment to our main driver in terms of revenue which underlines our successful overall transition to mobile. We are excited to further accelerate our journey while providing our players with the best game experiences possible.”

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  1. Yep these games lure in all those people with inner gambling addictions into play and I’d say there are lot of players who have emptied their bank accounts on stupid their random shop rolls.
    I couldn’t see myself being happy that i’d taken that amount from players.
    I would feel guilty and dissapointed that i’d created a credit card crunching game which has more than likely destroyed a few lives in the process, financially.
    If I owned it.
    I would want to look into the WHY?
    How this has happened and if i could, I would quickly correct it, to stop this. as enough is enough, Greed is root of all evil, just look at DT
    but if you have no morals then you just keep making more in game money spinners as they have no value on real lives they keep on destroying.


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