It’s been nearly three years since we heard anything out of QC Games, the development studio headed up by former Star Wars: The Old Republic Director of Production Dallas Dickinson. Earlier this week, QC finally revealed its first title, free-to-play co-op dungeon crawler Breach, in an exclusive interview with PCGamer.

“Variety” seems to be the bread and butter of Breach, with 18 classes to choose from at launch, each with loads of customization options. Each level is presided over by the Veil Demon, described as “a dungeon master, but edgy.” This player-controlled baddie sets the challenges the heroes will face by setting traps or directly taking control of monsters, and there are multiple versions of it available as well. Like I said, “variety.”

Breach sessions will last about 15 minutes, with players going from room to room, facing progressively harder monsters and leveling up as they go. The game is set in various Earthly locales, such as Tokyo or Egypt, with monsters themed to the geography. In-game progression will be smoothed out, making it so that, as PCGamer describes, “you can take a three month break and return to find your account at roughly the same power level as anyone who’s more active than you.”

It looks cool, but I could do without the trying-too-hard-to-be-hip announcer in the teaser video, along with the “Earth just got ripped a new one” and “WTF are you gonna do?” catchphrases, which make me think of WildStar and LawBreakers. That’s not a good thing.

Also not present in PCGamer’s article is any mention of any link to Nexon. That was mentioned during QC Games’ formation, back in 2015, though it’s absent from the press release. We’ve reached out to QC’s media contact to find out if Nexon will still be publishing the game.

In the meantime, you can check out the Breach website or Steam page and sign up for the alpha.



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