Seven deadly masters await in the shadows to train you in Path of Exile’s newly launched expansion, Forsaken Masters. As the name suggests, the content update’s main focus deals with players exploring the wretched underbelly of Wraeclast in search of knowledge from some of the more senior exiles. These masters have ample knowledge, customizable town locations and crafting goods to divulge, just so long as you’re willing to do something in return. Nothing in life is free.

While taking part in one of each master’s unique missions, players can take note of other changes to the core game; such as the revamp to large underused portions of PoE’s massive skill tree. Many of the game’s initial boss fights have also been redone to increase their challenge, while challenge junkies can participate in one of two new Challenge Leagues; Rampage and Beyond.

Rampage rewards players who can maintain kill-streaks by giving them exponentially increasing attack speed, damage, and movement speed. Meanwhile, the Beyond Challenge mode attempts to drown players in demons, spawning portal after portal filled with increasingly difficult demons; before culminating in a unique boss fight.

A full list of additions and patch notes found in Forsaken Masters can be viewed here.

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  1. Last time i played, a few years ago or so, the game took away XP when you died during the 2nd play-through. Is that still the case?

    • Yes, 2nd playthrough you lose 5% exp and 3nd 10% exp and that is already the nerfed version. Otherwise you would se alot more max lvls (boring).

  2. In my opinion,Path of exiled surpassed Diablo 2.There is no question poe is one of the best arpg’s of all time.The best thing about it is that it is completly free to play!Give the game a try,you might fall in love with it.Cheers!


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