It was a few days later than originally anticipated, but Perfect World Entertainmnet has now officially launched the “Freedom Falls” expansion to their free-to-play MMORPG, Forsaken World. The new expansion features the continuation of the events post Storm Legion invasion and “the world of Eyrda is transformed into dangerous territory where players can roam new zones as the deceptive Demon race or alter battles as the debuff-focused, trident-wielding Tormentor class.”

New or returning players will notice right away that the UI has undergone a redesign, the skill training tree has been smoothed out a bit, and new instanced dungeons have been added.

Following the Storm Legion invasion, the Land of Origination was forged and with it Nightfall Citadel, a new safe haven for adventurers beginning their quest. The expansion also introduces the Polar Borderlands region – a brand-new zone for players to explore in their quest to fight off the Storm Legion.

Head over the the official website to get started.

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  1. tried it. got to lv 34 tormentor then left. the quests are extremely annoying. also whats the point if the game is just gonna boost me to lvl 35 in like 2 hours .. its just so annoying. and I wish I can zoom out more ffs.

    • back when i was playing, getting to level 30 took more time, probably a whole day or so….

      after 20 or 30 you go to sea of oblivion, where you fall into oblivion, i remember it took me a week to get to 39 and when i had little before 40, i lost patience and gave it up

      originally, the concept of the game was good, but now its ruined – a couple of currencies, two shops, upgrading an item has another item that increases your chances of succeeding, god’s trial or whatever it was doesn’t give much Xp later on….

      the whole game is one huge mess

      • also, the gameplay feel is so off. the animations dont match the hp bars of the enemy. cast spell. u dont see how much damage was done till 5 seconds later… what the hell. so annoying


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