Perfect World Entertainment announced “Forsaken World Nightfall”, the latest content update for its 3D fantasy MMORPG, Forsaken World. This will be the largest expansion Forsaken World has seen to date.

Some of the new features in Forsaken World: Nightfall include a brand new flying system, an emerging fortress in the sky, and an exciting makeover for the guild wars/territory wars system. The brand new flying system will take players through the skies of Eyrda with new bosses, dungeons, and events designed specifically for flying. A new fortress in the sky has emerged along with new, unexplored areas. Be the first to experience the exciting new quests and monsters that roam the land. The Immortal Rift is being revamped into an all-out land conquering system. Attack and defend against other guilds to claim a territory within Eyrda.


  1. i remember when i played , with some gold coins i buyed a nice pet , my racial mount level 50 and err some fashion . i never payed a thing . but i pay sometimes for free to play game to encourage them . just not on this one.

    • HORRIBLE. They boast everything is free (they = fan boys). You have a good start, up till about lvl 20. Well first, 3 currencies. 1.) Gold from mobs for repairs, buying potions. 2.) leafs or something (i forgot) to trade with other players selling items and AUCTION HOUSE. 3.) CASH COINs. Cash can be converted into leaves. So, unless you pay, you cannot use or exchange items. Now… they there are vents, if you participate in running around putting fire out on a boat, or fish… you get A CHANCE to win 1 leaf… or 5…or 10 if lucky. This is nothing compared to the 1,000,000,000,00 per item on the auction becuase they know freebies are out there. BAsically, you will have to grind or pay for cash. and since it has the PWE structure of “can’t grind unless you have the cash” will need cash. IF you go totally free, you can get up there, but the frame of the game is apparent. The dailys screw you over, you need to finish 10 in a row before reset, if you fail one, you are locked out of retaking it for a day! so if you finish 9/10 (about 4 hours of your time), then the 10th one requires a CASH item (like 4 flowers crafted from a player), then you are SCREWED, and have to restart, screwing you out of hte chance of getting one precious cash item…THEN, if you participate in events, they are schedualed, and horrible. For example, catch the gold fish = maybe 5 cash coins. Now, people abuse this, they SERVER jump. IF the server jump (server 1,2,3,) is banned, no one will catch a gold fish. It is stupid.It really is something you will end up regrettin around lvl 20. IT feels TASK TASK TASK, and not fun. The schedual of events “Log in at this hour”. the schedual of WHEN and HOW you have to take your daily…the AFK leveling….all feels stale, bland, and horrible. ONLY 1 GOOD thing, GRAPHICS. but THAT IS PWE BS.

      • You have it a bit wrong.
        1. Soul coins – this is right it’s used for buying pots, refining gear and repairing it
        2. Eyrda leafs – these are used only for cash shop. You firs have to purchase zen and exchange it for leafs to buy from cash shop.
        3. Gold coins – these are used for trading between players and for AH. You can get them from an instance and from selling gear you get in dungeons or that you make yourself and of course by selling mats that you can get with just a bit of farming. Crafting professions do require a lot of farming to lvl up.
        Only things you can’t get from anywhere else but cash shop are fashion items and some mounts.Well some other things but you can buy them with ingame gold if somebody puts them on AH. Using cash shop you can definetly get better refined gear with more gems faster but you can get it without it as well.
        Now exp rate is rly slow in this game. Takes a lot of timeto lvl and mobs give practically no exp. Instead you have do dailys to get exp and it get boring and repetitive over time.

        • Yes, i know you can get Gold coins by doing the Nightmare Carnival or trading with players, i mean, the cash shop IS overpowered?like you have to buy things to be good?Or is only fashion and that mounts that you buy with 30 soul gold?

          • Not that OP as in some games. As i said you can get pretty much everything for free but cash shoppers will get it quicker.

    • There are some items from the shop it’s unreasonable to go without. That said…

      Everything from the cash shop is tradable and there is a system in place to use in-game gold to buy cash shop leaves (and people will sell cash shop items for gold anyway). So although tedious it is possible to get everything you need without cash shopping.


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