They said it couldn’t be done, but Perfect World Entertainment and Fedeen Games did it anyway! OK, so nobody really said it couldn’t be done, but a full-feature MMO on mobile is a pretty rare thing, so let’s celebrate the moment.

You can now download Forsaken World from Google Play or the App Store for use on your Android or iOS device and leap into the world of Eyrda with one of five classes and dive into dungeons or test your mettle in PvP action. Or, as this trailer shows, you can apparently send your furry friends off to do the work for you:

Head on over to the game’s mobile site to learn more or hit up the wiki for even more info!


  1. Been playing for a little while now and gotta say it’s a great port that and dawn of immortals are the two most played apps I have right now

    • I have it too, but it feels like all you do is auto-path and auto-attack, I haven’t spend much time on it but that’s what it feels for me, I will play it some more, pass a zone or two and then comment again.

      • I have to agree but then again the bot play is kinda what makes this game work for me as a mobile port. In some ways it makes the game more of a MMORPG Sim, Thats not saying you cant play it MMOARP with the on screen buttons witch are fairly responsive. The exp grind after 35 takes some adjustment to but it’s more about power levels at that point. Air Play lets the game down abit too it still looks good but the low rez is definitely noticeable on the larger screen. The game has only just launched to I expect more mid and late game content to come in future updates and you can be sure of a flood of clones hitting the app and play stores in the next few months .


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