Fortnite Battle Royale has exploded “far beyond our wildest growth expectations,” Epic Games says. As a result, the servers for the game were disrupted several times over the weekend, and Epic needs your help to make things better — assuming you have the proper technical skills, that is.

As laid out in today’s blog post, the game saw a peak concurrency of 3.4 million players this weekend — slightly higher than the 3.1 million that’s been reported as the top number of concurrent PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players. That extreme load caused “6 different incidents between Saturday and Sunday, with a mix of partial and total service disruptions to Fortnite.” The rest of the post goes into great technical detail on exactly what happens, so if you love reading about databases, cloud capacity, XMPP, and IP exhaustion, check it out.

If all that does make sense, Epic might want to have a chat with you. The company is looking for skilled engineers to join their team in Seattle, North Carolina, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, UK, Stockholm, Seoul, and “elsewhere” to help them keep Fornite running smoothly. Interested parties should contact Epic at

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  1. very rare to see a gaming company wanting to increase their employee list for a change. Most usually lay people off or just straight up fire them.


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