“Existing social features make it hard to make and/or find friends,” “We dropped the ball,” and “the system isn’t straightforward to use” are all common issues with early access games. When that early access game has 20 million players, that makes the mistakes even more visible.

The latest dev blog for Fortnite: Battle Royale offers promises to make grouping easier and to bring the duos playlist to regions that don’t have it yet, such as Oceania. Team killing is also a concern, the one Epic games “dropped the ball” on, and the team started to improve on that last week. A new shooting model, better post-match stats, map updates, and better inventory management (yay!) are also in the works.

Meanwhile, SuperData is reporting that Battle Royale beat out PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Monthly Average User (MAU) count in October in the U.S. The revenue edge obviously goes to PUBG, with its $30 box price and FNBR’s minimal microtransactions, and December is “an important month” for both games, so we’ll see who reigns supreme at the close of 2017.



  2. and it’s a smart move on fort’s plan. launch a free mode game so people can try it out. later on they can start adding in cash shop things to make money off of their game. i see why it’s doing well. it launched on all platforms first, made it free, and if ppl like it well they can throw $$$ on it. great business plan

  3. Fortnite “Battle Royal” is easily one of the most overrated things I’ve ever seen be successful. I find it annoying how Epic gets away with boasting the number of players it claims it’s reeling in for it’s Battle Royal copy paste Frankenstein of PUBG by combining the players it’s already had from months on end with the base game of Fortnite. Nobody in their right mind would pay the $30 amount they paid for PUBG for Fortnite. It’s free to play which is the only reason it’s hit any kind of stride. The hacker problem is way more apparent in Fortnite than it ever was in PUBG. Also everyone seems to ignore the constant updates and changes being worked on in PUBG’s test server. The latest patch DRASTICALLY optimizes the game

    • PUBG is a developer’s love child of people actually trying to build a battle royale game from the ground up while Fortnite’s Battle Royal will always be Epic Game’s last minute idea to cash in on the battle royal craze that PUBG started.

      • battle royal has been around for years.. PuBg didn’t start anything. They just cashed on it just like many others before them. If you don’t know of any games that share this title then you are less of a gamer than you claim to be.

    • ugh salty much? you’re right i wouldn’t pay 30$ for fortnite but i sure as hell wouldn’t spend 30$ on PUBG either…you forgot that pubg copied the other games before it to become successful…so instead of bitching about how fort’s “copying” a game you think is “original” why don you bitch about PUBG copying h1z1….

    • Tried both, fortnite is way more innovative and polished than Pubg, also pubg is published/developed by money grubbing bluehole, hence the shitty engine. All you said was just pure fanboying without any facts and actual knowledge about both games or the genre, and funnily enough not even knowing how Pubg came to be.


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