On July 16, a rather large update — titled Fortune and Glory — will be hitting Phoenix Labs’s Dauntless across all platforms. The free update will introduce a Trials experience, a new Hunt Pass, and cosmetic rewards.

Of the big additions, the Trials are something completely new. They pit Slayers against modified Behemoths and environmental challenges in timed encounters. Trials are available in two difficulty levels: Normal and Dauntless. Each rewards players with marks that can be used to purchase a selection of rewards. Normal difficulty offers Steel Marks that can be used to purchase things like weapon mods, while Dauntless difficulty rewards Gilded Marks. Gilded Marks are used to purchase cosmetic rewards that indicate the player’s accomplishments.

In addition, players who participate in the Trials may find their name on the Wall of Champions — a leader board that honors those who complete the week’s trial in the shortest amount of time. Trials will change weekly, so players need not worry about becoming bored with the activity too soon.

Oh, yes… and that snail looking thing at the top of this post? That’s called a smollusk. It’s aggressive and if not eliminated promptly can cause a lot of trouble — especially when more of its friends show up.

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