This is a pretty good week for anyone taking advantage of the Epic Games Store’s free games options. Not only is the store offering three freebies as part of its weekly deal, but there’s also a separate offer of a freshly released game, and some freebie items for Paladins players.

Two of the regular free items, Gone Home, and Hob were announced last week. Both are fairly well-known games and normally cost $20 or less. The Fullbright Company’s Gone Home is a first-person mystery adventure game that puts players in the role of someone who just returned home from traveling abroad and discovers their family is gone. Hob is an action-adventure game from the developers of Torchlight. Players will need to explore the game’s world and solve puzzles to repair it.

The third weekly offering was added later and is Drawful 2. To be fair, it’s pretty much available for free on every game platform right now. But, hey… If you’re already grabbing the others, you might as well claim this one too.

The final free game — which will be available almost as long as the other three with the deal ending on the 8th instead of the 9th — is an insane-looking sandbox/physics game from We’re Five Games titled Totally Reliable Delivery Service. This is a four-player co-op game with a simple goal: Get those packages delivered any way you can. Delivery systems include trucks, planes, boats, pretty much anything you want to try. See the trailer below.

As noted, if you play Paladins, there’s one last bit of free stuff you can grab from the EGS. The site is offering a free bundle featuring four champions, four skins, and a free diamond chest for a limited time.


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