Fractured Online Roadmap Reveals Key Updates Planned For 2022, Including A Winter Launch

There will be new playable races, planets, and other features throughout the year.

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Fractured Online Dev

After the Aerhen continent reveal last week, gamigo and Dynamight Studios are back again to unveil the roadmap of their isometric open-world MMORPG, Fractured Online, leading up to its launch date this winter. Across each seasonal quarter, you can expect a new addition to the project that either adds a unique race or game content.

First up, the Spring 2022 update for Fractured Online includes the previously mentioned Aerhen continent. There's also an expansion to the game's crafting mechanics, 24/7 access to servers, and plans to add seasons and leaderboards and German and French localization. Summer 2022 welcomes a new race, the Wildfolk, with a new planet, endgame PvP events, and the inclusion of a day/night cycle.

Following is Autumn 2022, which reveals yet another race, the Demon, with a new planet. Also, the implementation of religions, another expansion to the crafting system, new languages localized, and additional tech updates to sharpen the player experience. Lastly, Winter 2022 is the final stretch of the game's development map and the developers are choosing to hold their tongues on additions in hopes of surprising fans on launch.

If you're curious or want to see what Fractured Online's all about, you can jump into its current Closed Beta after purchasing a discounted version of the game. You'll gain immediate access to the Closed Beta. For more information on Fractured Online, check out this link!

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