Fractured Online Has Sold Over 5,000 Copies And Hopes To Earn Enough To Pay All 2023 Salaries, Even For Employees Previously Let Go

It's certainly been a much better start than the last time the game launched.

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Fractured Online Relaunch Test

It's been a long and curvy road for Fractured Online. The MMORPG initially launched to a less than stellar reception and then returned to closed development which preceded a parting of ways with their new partner, gamigo.

Fast forward to today and Dynamight Studios has self-published the game and kicked off an early access period. We're now two weeks into that early access and the team has shared some numbers...many of which aren't usually shared.

Of course, to kick off the recap, Dynamight had to mention the recent hack that resulted in player-built cities being unclaimed. That's fixed now, so let's look at the numbers.

Fractured Online has sold over 5,000 copies since early access started and they state that there were about 800 copies sold in prior phases. This has generated $118,000 in revenue. The team hopes they can keep this sales pace up for the rest of the year and, if they can, they say they'll be able to pay all 2023 salaries, even those of the employees they had to be let go. Looking forward, Dynamight hopes to return to a stable financial position and actually start hiring back some previous employees.

Player counts are up and both servers feel populated, but there's room for more. On the reception front, recent reviews are 81% positive, but Fractured still has a bit of a climb to get out of the hole its first launch put it in review-wise.

In addition to some other fun facts in the post, the devs detailed a bit of a roadmap for the MMO and it shouldn't surprise anyone that "Security" is at the top of the list right now following last week's hack. Bug fixes, balancing, and progression round out the top 4 focus points.

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