Fractured Space is coming together nicely — how’s that for a contradiction? — with its meaty Phase 3 update that’s going live today (It was originally stated to have gone live in February, but was delayed.) The update reveals the new Conquest 2.0 map geared toward helping to improve interaction between opposing teams, as well as providing other new features to enhance gameplay for veteran and new players alike.

Base Commander tips will help new captains find their footing in battle, while shorter respawn times help keep them in the action. Another new feature is drone ships that captains can send out to mine — or be shot down, denying your opponents vital resources.

To entice players to play more, Edge Case Games is also adding rewards for dedicated players in both weekly and monthly flavors, as well as weekly events. April 13 is the start date for “Credits Rampage,” which will award the entire player base with a unique Pioneer skin if the community earns 100 million credits in total, and a Colossus skin if a 200 million credits milestone is reached.

There are plenty more changes to the game in this update, including battle testing before purchasing a ship and more strategic AI for bots. You can read the full patch notes on the Fractured Space site.

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